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I really did lose that bet y’all. But I love cooking so homemade Mac & Cheese, greens and hammocks, baked whole chicken and cornbread muffins. I’m a day late but I’m sure my king πŸ‘‘ will forgive me. Love you baby @blu6shoota

So @blu6shoota left to get us lunch. While he was out. I loaded our nerf guns, suited up in my military costume with my combat boots and sent him this note. As I heard him pulling into the garage. Needless to say we had too much fun. I really felt like a big ass kids. #HappilyMarried #YouCouldntTellMeShit #Lol #IWonNoMatterWhatHeSays #HeShotMeInTheAssCheek #HeDoesntPlayFair #ILoveMyBoo #ICantSayWhatHappenedNext #ButWeAreMarriedSoYouKnow

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